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Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy
Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy

The mission of the Judicial Affairs is to provide a just, safe, orderly, and positive campus climate through regulations, disciplinary processes, informational programming, and intervention effort.

Step Up, Make A Call - Campus Living

Step Up, Make A Call

Alcohol poisoning or overdose? Find out how you can help!

Rules and Regulations - Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy

Rules and Regulations

University Rules and Regulations governing student conduct.

Mediation Program - Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy

Mediation Programs

UB and the Center for Resolution and Justice provide mediation services to our students, faculty, and staff.

Student-Wide Judiciary - Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy

Student-Wide Judiciary

The Student-Wide Judiciary (SWJ) is the judicial extension of UB student governments. It was created to implement a system of discipline that is based on "fair play" and timely adjudication.

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